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I stand for:
Fiscal Responsibility - Council incorporated agenda item
protocol to show what funding source will be used for projects, which
means no funding source identified then Council doesn’t vote on item. Also supported commercial business growth such as Safeway Center with 20 pump gas station;

Public Protection with support for our Hercules Police Department -
Council has continued to keep Police Officer standards of one officer
per 1000 residents;
Support for the Hercules Library- Council has budgeted extra funding to support more hours above what the County provides to keep full-time Librarian;

Support for our Hercules Public Employees- Council has increased pay to bring back the lost wages that Employees gave during the Budget Crisis in 2011-12;

Quality of Life for the residents of Hercules - During our Budget Crisis
Council has been able to maintain our Parks, replace street signs;
updated our City street lights with LED lighting and will install Solar
Panels to provide solar energy to pay for our street lighting.

If you agree with my ideas and views about Hercules please donate to my election for 2020 here.

See Dan in the Hercules City Council Candidates Forum answer key questions for the election!


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