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"Dan is an ethical, hard-working, passionate, knowledgeable, and thoughtful leader. He seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes, and develops reasonable positions. Dan is approachable and engaged and genuinely committed to governing well. Dan is an advocate for what is in the best interest for the residents of Hercules. Please join me in voting for Dan Romero for Hercules City Council."

Lori Chinn, 
Hercules Resident & Retired School Administrator


"My name is DiAngelo Soriano and I am the founder and director of “Hercules Cares” - a non profit org comprised of 100% volunteers helping our most vulnerable residents with basic needs such as free grocery and RX delivery &  chat buddy program during this COVID19 pandemic.   

Councilman - Romero was quick to offer advice, even responding to calls for help on the weekend and late at night to make sure our org was up and running as soon as possible.   

He has always been supportive and caring through his many years of service as our mayor and councilman and always showed up with a smiling friendly face at almost every single community event.  I remember how special my high school varsity coach,  tennis teammates,  and I felt when he presented an award to us for taking first place in our division. Mr. Romero looks out for the citizens, and goes out of his way to make them feel acknowledged. I am happy that Hercules has someone like Mr. Romero to help run our city."


DiAngelo Soriano

Hercules Cares Dir. & Former Community and Library Services Youth Commissioner

"Herculeans owe Councilman Romero so much for his forward thinking leadership and hard work & dedication for almost 10 years of public service as our elected rep.    He worked tirelessly 7 days a week to rescue our city from its near bankruptcy & fiscal crisis in 2011.   We would not have had all the revenues and fiscally strong city budget surpluses had it not been for him.  


We are fortunate to have Dan, our three time Mayor, especially now more than ever when our city faces severe financial challenges as we survive this COVID19 pandemic.  We need someone with proven experience to continue to protect our city !"

Dr. J. Yamamoto
Former 2 time Chair - Finance Commission

If you agree with my ideas and views about Hercules please donate to my election for 2020 here.

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